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“Every moment of one’s existence, one is growing into more or retreating into less.”

Norman Mailer

Individual Coaching

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There is not a one size fits all coaching program, which is why my programs are as individual as you are. Using DiSC to understand your natural behavioral tendencies, we work together to find solutions to difficult work dynamics, help you grow your leadership in noticeable ways that yield better outcomes, and uncover the best path forward with real action plans that will help you achieve the end result you are working towards.

Driven by results

It is not enough to want to reach a result, you must navigate through change with a strong
plan to overcome obstacles, challenges, and your natural patterns that are getting in your
Working together, we will identify the obstacles holding you back, create a plan to
successfully move towards the success you desire.

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Workshops and Meeting Facilitations

I conduct Online and In Person Workshops and Seminars

Today, the workplace, and our lives are very different. That of course brings challenges both personally and professionally. I have navigated these turbulent waters through many disastrous times and not only come out of it, but those I have coached, have thrived.  I now conduct organizational and Individual workshops and seminars using time served experience and methodologies such as the DiSC® and Kolbe models, as well as other personal development strategies.

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Virtual Training Offered

The Severance Bridge

Making the decision to eliminate positions, is not easy. Making the decision to compassionately bridge the gap during these times, IS. Many companies offer severance packages which typically provide a financial bridge.  Providing coaching during these times can help bridge the emotional gap as well.  People often feel blindsided by a layoff, they identify with their positions and titles while layoffs often lead to self-doubt which becomes an obstacle evident during an interview process. Coaching address this and can eliminate the obstacle early on and help with career focus while building a strategy for how best to begin the next career search.  

Having a certified coach with a strong background in talent acquisition offers new ways to navigate the tides of a career search from a position of strength that goes beyond the traditional outplacement model that focuses on resume, cover letter creation and job search tools.  Companies that provide this bridge minimize the reputational risk and financial risk that can evolve from a disgruntled employee.

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The time that you book with me is the first step. From navigation to transformation.

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