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I am so grateful for Helene’s coaching over the last few months. She was able to really help me identify what was most important to me and help me shift in a much more positive direction. I now have a clear set of goals and strategies to work on and achieve throughout the year.

Cari Bohley, PMP

Learning Evangelist | Thought Leader | Innovator | Advisor

I am so grateful for Helene and her work as a career coach. She has helped me identify strategies for job searching, the application process, interviewing, and networking. She accommodated my needs and helped me understand my motivators and stressors. Helene has a professional and friendly character, and working with her was enjoyable. Throughout the process, I’ve learned a wealth of information that will advance my career searching efforts. She has been an immense aid to me, and I recommend her to anyone looking for a great career coach!

Rebecka Mozes, MPH, CHES

Given these tumultuous times and pandemic challenges, I wanted to share my recent experience with coaching. As leaders at all levels it is imperative that we continue to keep our finger on the pulse, self-reflect and be our best selves professionally.  I’m not sure about you, but during this time I’ve been confronted with several leadership challenges but my 3-month coaching stint with Helene was invaluable!


“I began working with Helene to better define my leadership style and areas of professional growth as I transitioned into a new role.  Helene‘s coaching transformed the way I view myself as a leader and provided fresh perspectives on ways to leverage my strengths and capabilities to drive successful outcomes. She provides tools and coaching support to enable greater self-awareness and to help you uncover your unique, authentic leadership style and motivations. Helene truly invests in her clients and creates a personalized coaching environment built on trust, mutual respect and honesty.  She’s a delight to work with and I continue to leverage the frameworks and methods she’s shared.  The impact her coaching has made is evident in both the way I approach work and the way that I lead others.  I couldn’t be more grateful for her guidance and dedication to my growth and success.”


I have known Helene Meyers, founder of LifeUnloc, both professionally and socially for one full year now. I have worked closely with Helene, during my last professional assignment. I have always been impressed with how she has conducted herself and worked with great Integrity and Dynamism. I have admired her for her strong wit and intelligence.

At a time when I am pivoting a new career path for myself, I have found myself instinctively drawn on many occasions to seek her insights, long before she turned into a formal Mentor and Coach to me. Helene, is – Responsive. Focused. And a Strategist. She masterfully combines various techniques, coaching skills and applies them intuitively to bring about clarity of purpose  during our coaching sessions. Helene’s strong values – centered coaching practice has helped me very much in identifying a strong internal calling that is not just tailored to fashioning a career path but one that capitalizes on my natural talents and passion.

I highly recommend setting up a call with Helene, if you are seeking to bring a new vision in your professional life or find yourself navigating a challenging terrain and could use help from a trusted, responsive business advisor /personal coach who is part thought provoker and part cheerleader.


The value I received from working with Helene was how caring people still exist in this world; furthermore, that I am my biggest obstacle and must let go of my own fear of failure. Excuses are endless, but when she asked me specific questions instead of taking my excuses I was able to dig deeper. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.


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